Get inspired! 5 ways to turn on the blogging light bulb.

If you read my last post about the importance of blogging for your business, maybe it motivated you to finally get that blog started. Maybe you excitedly sat down at your computer, opened up your blog, cracked your knuckles, put your hands on the keyboard and thought…

“What the heck am I going to write about?”

Yep, I feel your pain. I’m a writer. I write for a living. I can come up with topics all day long for other people. But when it comes to my blog? Nada. Zip. I can practically feel the tumbleweeds rolling through the hollow recesses of my brain.

It’s just harder writing for yourself. It’s a scientific fact. Okay, I don’t know that for sure but I bet there’s some research on that somewhere.

Anyway, I’ve found that sitting down at your computer and waiting for inspiration to strike you while staring at a blank screen is the absolutely worst way to get inspired.

So don’t do that. Try some of these instead:

Look at other blogs.

Please notice I said “look” not “copy.” Copying = bad. Very, very bad. But checking out other blogs in the industry – even if they’re not in your particular niche – is a perfectly legitimate way to see what other people are talking about and interested in. Particularly note which topics are popular or have a lot of conversation around them. And don’t think because someone else (or 100 someone elses) has written about dog poop that you can’t write about dog poop, too. Your perspective and spin on the topic – even more than the topic itself – is really what helps set you apart and keeps people coming back.

Keep on top of current events

Just scrolling through your Facebook feed can be a wealth of inspiration. Be aware of the things that everyone seems to be talking about and jump on that wagon, especially if you have expertise in that area. For example, is there a new, controversial training technique people are discussing? Or a hot news story about the rescue community? Or proposed legislation that potentially affects pets or pet owners? Blog about it!

Get personal

 Some of my most popular posts have been when I’ve gotten a little more personal. For me, having a blog is really about two things – helping others and making connections. And there’s nothing that will make others feel more connected to you than cracking the door a little and letting people see inside. I’m not saying to air your deepest, darkest secrets because that would be, well, awkward. But, for example, if you’re a trainer and you’ve struggled with training your own dog, it’s okay to tell your readers. It makes you human and more relatable when you say, “Look, I get it. I’ve been there, too.”

Interview people

Interviewing someone else about a topic is probably one of the easiest blog posts you’ll ever write. This is especially great when you’re not an expert on a topic but you know someone who is. After the interview, you can write a post around the topic and insert their quotes. Or…even easier…just transcribe your interview into a Q&A form. (Be sure to ask them if you can record the interview before you start.) It’s also a great way to cross-pollinate audiences by linking to their site within the interview and by asking them if they would be willing to post the interview on their own platforms.


If you’re still not sure what to write about…ask! Reach out to your mailing list (you do have a mailing list, don’t you?) with a quick one-question survey: “What topics would you like to see covered on my blog?” Add some multiple-choice answers to make it easy and also leave a spot for them to fill in their own topic. People really love to help other people out and you’ll probably be surprised by the number of responses you get. I’ve used both Survey Monkey and Wufoo, and had good experiences with both.

I hope those suggestions helped! And if you have any inspiration suggestions of our own, I’d loooooove to hear those, too. Just leave a comment below.


  1. Hi Amber…

    I asked myself this very question in 2011, “What the heck am I going to write about?”
    Well it seems I found my voice and have not stopped.
    My advice is to just jump in with both feet. Write about what you love and the words will flow.
    Another thing to remember, if one wants comments on their blog they cannot expect visitors to just come. Blogville is a two way street. If you want visits you must be a visitor.

    Mayzie’s blog was always one of my favorite. Cap’n Ripley was Madi’s first love!! I loved how you portrayed her perfectly and you were such a be advocate for her breed. I miss your blog but have signed up to get notices when you post here on Comma Hound
    Hugs and kitty
    Cecilia and Madi

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